Perla Small Pearls Necklace

SKU: PLL-9600 UPC: 663698497332

The Perla Small Pearls Necklace is a striking, unique piece with a wonderful story. VIETRI founder Susan Gravely came across a beautiful mesh and pearl necklace in Milan in 1985. She asked her dear and talented Florentine friend, Tita Bosio, if she might be able to recreate it so that VIETRI could sell something similar. Tita sourced the pearls very easily, but the mesh netting seemed hard to find. She scoured markets and shops to no avail. Not to be deterred, Tita eventually found what she was looking for in an automobile repair shop! She created the bestselling necklaces for VIETRI for many years, and eventually the product was retired. We are delighted to bring the necklaces back, and they are now handmade by Tita's daughter-in-law.

*Featured in Founder Susan Gravely's debut memoir and cookbook Italy on a Plate.